Cleaning up...

If anybody has noticed over the past few days that I have vacated their discord server… it’s not you. It’s me, surely… if I’m not on Discord with you, then it probably means that we haven’t talked enough outside of the environment as it is. Plus, my interests have been changing up a lot lately.

Busy Days Ahead

It’s only Tuesday… and already it’s been a crazy as all hell week. Not entirely sure why… but I suppose having upgrades of Epic over the weekend at the office didn’t help things. Working in healthcare in the IS department certainly does have its share of interesting and random encounters. Also… so does being the only one seemingly present on site on a Sunday when it seems that you were the only one who responded to a call for coverage. I could be incorrect about that, though, but it does feel like I was alone.

Let’s start With The Basics

Today, as Tuesdays go, was fairly normal. Got in on time… after accidentally waking up at 06:10, but that’s beside the point. Driver came to pick me up in a reasonable time, which is nice, because traffic sucked on the way in, and I still managed to pick up my coffee and a pastry with time to spare. I can’t say that’ s the way of it every day, though. And… it’s only a little afternoon. We’ll have to see how the rest of the day goes.

This week's saga continues ... on a Monday!

I’m going to have to start with the announcements, then. I think that as of this week, I’m deleting Facebook. I’m just watching all of the notifications pile up, and realizing just how little I care. I’d rather engagements to come from my own p laces on the web, not from other places like social media and other forms of centralized bullshit