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About Me

	I'm a musician, a technologist, and a lot of other things. I have quite a few hobbies, and you will read a lot more about them as time progresses. 
    This is my personal blog, and I write about everything from tech to television; whatever floats my boat for a given day.

Coming Up

Born in Boston in 1989, it was clear that things were not going to be as straightforward as people were hoping; for one, the doctors told my family chances were good I wouldn’t live, and if I did, then I would be severely disabled. Well, I came out of a three-month stint at Brigham And Women’s Hospital with nothing except for a detached retina. I can walk, talk, think, and… just act like a normal woman. Somebody up in one of the higher dimensions was clearly at work, and I have whomever it is (haven’t figured it out yet), to thank for that. While my sense of sight is almost nonexistent, everything else is alive and well, and it’s given me an interesting sense of the world around me. I consider it a personal mission to teach others about the world from a nonvisual prospective… because, there’s a lot to see… even if you can’t.

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