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notes for Week Of January 22nd

Hey all, Kat here once again.

it’s been a bit, though I’m really going to do my dangdest to start keeping the world better abreast of what’s going on in my life, which has sure gotten interesting, I’ll say that much. I figured I would begin a new Friday tradition, and do a notes/reflection post at the end of each week documenting the happenings, comings, and goings. here’s my first one, beginning January 22nd.


Not much happened this week—except maybe I’ve realized all the services I’m subscribed to that I don’t really have a personal use for anymore—Microsoft Office, for example, being a prime candidate for removal from my life. Microsoft Outlook, you were good to me for the last 20 years, but your creator has ruined you. Microsoft Word, I love you, but damn, you’re slow. I need to reinstall the operating system on both my desktop (Rammel), and laptop (Liliana). Need to write up my new schemata for my new Active Directory environment (whenever that happens, though I think I’m going to keep with the original plan of hosting the VM on Rammel, for now, until I find a suitable candidate to replace the aging, and bearly running, PowerEdge T110. Andahar’s 13 years old, and he served many purposes inside of my networks throughout the years. Andahar’s been: a DNS server running SimpleDNS, back when he was a part of my parents' network. That died when I attempted to make him be the DHCP server, as well, kicking my mother off the internet while she was trying to work. (let’s just say, I’ve never touched my parents' router again after that.) A general purpose workstation A web server, running internet information services

Now that we’re reaching the end of January, I now have something to shoot for next month in terms of not having such a busy one; January is always crazy for service desk reps for some reason. We would see what happens.

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