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Another Random Friday:Reflections Upon The Week, Part 1

Lots of stuff has started happening this week, not the most important of which being the video a friend of mine put out on the new mod which allows blind folks to play World of Warcraft, the modern version, without having to follow a sighted person around the game. I haven’t looked into it as hard as I should, though I intend to do so over the weekend, so, why not begin a new gaming adventure? I had heard interesting things from previous WoW players, how different parts of the game have changed—though I doubt I would be seriously affected by any of them, considering I’m entering the world much later than some of my friends who played when it first came on the scene, about fifteen years ago. With only the game’s lore to go on, I have to say…I’m interested.

On another note, I realized how little coding I have been doing—somehow getting my nose buried in a book, and not being able to withdraw whenever I have a free moment. While reading is indeed important, there are much more important things that I could be spending my time on; coding being one. After all, it could affect my goal of getting something small out on my GitHub that’s not a stupid demo project. We would see on that, though I intend to make some progress. probably tonight, when I get home from work.

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