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Reflecting On The End Of Today

It took me this long to write this, yes, I know it’s nearly midnight on a Wednesday, a time frame in which I ought clearly to be in bed. However, that’s not the case, regardless of how physically tired I actually am. It’s been that way all day today, though I have noticed any longer amount of time where I forget to take my rhodiola rosea supplement, my body just says, “nope, you’re not doing shit today.” I’ve been off rhodiola for a few weeks, now; that’s getting fixed starting tomorrow, so this shouldn’t keep happening. Either way… I managed to actually compile my first serious Visual Studio project, which worked on the first try, but then the second time around, I managed to screw it up by changing the properties of the solution; I haven’t learned a lot of those,yet, so pretty much the only one I’m aware of what it does is the target; whether release, debug, any CPU, and so on. Either way, I shouldn’t have messed with those, because now the project has 714 errors in it at build time. Not a very good look. Thanksfully I was able to get the application somehow still to do what I needed it to do. I suppose that’s better pondered during a time in which I’m awake.

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