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Stop Using Facebook For Important Things!

Facebook Pet Peeves (Boy I Have A Lot Of Them)

I suppose a better title for this post would be, “Stop Using Facebook For Everything.” Due to a few things I have seen on my own personal feed within the past few days. there is a reason why regardless of the fact I’ve got two pages that I technically manage, neither of them are ever updated. Are you interested in knowing why that is? Well, even if you’re not, I’m going to tell you anyway.

Facebook Has Become A Mess

I’m sure there are kinder terms for this, but there are also some worse ones, too,I would suspect. I choose to use this one,though because it is enough to convey what I want to say. I will begin with a story. I went to check on my Facebook a day or two ago, and I noticed that somehow, a ton of my friends, some which I have not seen in a few years, around fifteen or so, were posting about a planned get-together, and it was not posted as an event…if you were going to actually invite everyone, then, the events feature is there; otherwise, we will miss notifications; Facebook is not the friends communication hub it used to be, guys. It’s nothing but a farm for algorithmically placed advertisements; Facebook doesn’t care about your preferences. I wil also state that this isn’t the only time I doscovered that something was happening the day of…because it was only posted as a normal post on Facebook rather than being made into an event. I will simply reitterate…it’s bad practice these days to use Facebook as your only method of checking in with people. Frankly,the only reason why I use Facebook, now, is because of the groups of which I’m a member choosing that as their method of meeting up. Otherwise, I’d have deleted my account a long time ago.

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