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Return Of The Runes: Tech In Faith Returns: Part II

Return Of The Runes: Tech In Faith Returns, Part II

It appears that the old Android device I was using to get my daily runes has died…again, so I was forced to seek some sort of alternative. I think I found one; if you are looking for a free daily rune, you can see a reading for each day here. Evidently the site was first on Twitter, according to their own words, and replaced with what you see there. Definitely a site to bookmark if interested; I sure did.

Android On Windows 11:Could Liliana Be My Next Somewhat Sacred Conduit?

Hard to tell; all depends on whether my awesome Dell Latitude 5410 can run Windows 11. She’s from 2020, so, I would imagine she can, though I haven’t had the chance to run the compatibility checker against her configuration. We’ll see, and that shall be another post to be composed at a later date. For now, the idea would be to run the Android Subsystem For Windows 11, and install Valhalla Plus, and then get my daily runes, along with some experience points, from there. I will keep you apprised of the situation as it unfolds.

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