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Exploring New Paths

Joining A New Church

Where I live, practically right next to my condominium complex, in fact, is a UU church (for those who do not know what UU stands for, it means Unitarian Universalist). I haven’t felt right going to church in any capacity for several years now, reasons ranging from dogma to simple questioning of faith, and not having my questions welcomed by the congregation, or the clergy, for that matter. It varied depending on where I was, and even people close to me oftentimes didn’t want me questioning things. As a result, I went Pagan; specifically Norse Pagan, with a few Irish honors thrown in due to my mixed heritage on my Mom’s side. Makes for an interesting existence…that’s for sure.

the First Breakaway: ‘08

I realized way, way, back in 2008 that I wasn’t like anyone else I knew in terms of spirituality; sure, I was only nineteen then, so some might think that’s too young to make such a momentous decision, though I had been pretty independent as it was, and had already been reading a lot of things that some would say I was too young for. On the other hand, nineteen is legal adult age in the United States, even if it’s not legal drinking/vaping/edible consumption age. Either way, my mind had already been filled with other possibilities which were very different from my extremely Catholic upbringing, so I figured…why not explore? Why not indeed? I knew what I would do…I would join up with the Universalist congregation of Medford!

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