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Let's Discuss Imagination, Religion, and Truth in 2023: Part I

Let’s Expand My Earlier Talk

earlier today, on my account over [on Faeborn Networks](@kmmoss@social.faebornnetworks.org), I made a thread; in it, I endeavored to discuss the problems of this world from a larger prospective than the typical one that we normally see today; that of politics, racism, and your typical woke BS. Nah, I’m not going to sit here and bore you with that. I see enough of it every single damn day.

Back To Basics

Part of the problem, and while others might have a varying opinion about this, and that’s fine, underlying our society is parenting styles. Let’s talk about children today; and no, I’m not referring to abortion and my opinions on that; that’s a different topic that might or might not be discussed in this space. I have not decided yet. Either way, moving on. Let’s first get the facts out of the way:

Necessary Reforms

As previously stated, there are definitely some things that we can do to improve the world as it currently stands. I made the mistake of feeling hopeless, like there was nothing I could do, too, so I can hopefully begin in this post to help others improve their outlooks on life, the way I have. Primary takeaway? Find your own path. That, right there, is something which I never found the heart to do when I was a teenager, but then, I was finally able to gather the courage to say, “enough is enough.” I realized that all I had been doing is living in the shadow of somebody else; I was loath to continue doing that when I finally became a true (note how I say true, not a legal), adult. When I turned eighteen, frankly, I barely knew anything, and even at 33, going on 34, there’s still a lot of stuff I don’t know, and honestly, there always will be. In the next post, I will proceed to tell the full story of how I broke free from some parts of my upbringing, and how good it felt.

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