As I go deeper into my study of Heathenry and druidism… I am loving the freedom that such an eclectic and diverse spiritual practice offers. No rules, just closeness with the beings who have been all around us for eons.

Not that no longer subscribvbing to Christianity justifies “bad” actions… but it does make them easier to bare, for if I do make a mistake, it’s up to only me and the persons involved; I don’t have a big bossy sky god threatening Hell upon me. So, being a Heathen also takes away some of the fear that I previously associated with the afterlife; questions like, what if there’s nothing there? and, what if I don’t end up where I thought I was going to? Now, there are a few places I could go, none of them awful; Hell’s realm (Hell as in the goddess, not the fake place), Valhalla, the Onix Palace (Unseelie Court), or the Silver Palace (the Seelie Court).

All of these sound good in comparison to what I was previously taught. Issue will eventually telling the parents… but I’ll keep that for another day. Right now, I want to find like-minds in the Druid/Heathen community.