Changing Feelings Surrounding the COVID-19 Vaccine

I will admit... when any of the vaccines first came out, I had a seriously different outlook on them than I do now after getting my first Pfizer shot back on August 25th. While I don't agree with the way the media is portraying the vaccine, and I seriously sometimes wonder about the truth of a lot of the information we've been provided, I have to say... I agree with the incentive to be vaccinated. (in fact, I should have gone with rather than against my gut when it told me to vaccinate immediately. Instead, I waited for my family to make the move first.)

## Pfizer Adventures

On August 25th, as stated above, I ended up getting my first shot. While others have had negative reactions towards it... mine went pretty smoothly. Nothing but a bit of a muscle ache afterwards... will be fun ggetting the second one, for that seems to be the one that's not as smooth. (I hope that my body doesn't play tricks on me during that time.) I will be keeping you updated; next entry on this will be the 15th of September, when my appointment is scheduled. 

The biggest pile of advice I can give you? Keep the noise and Bullshit about this stuff out of your life; whether that's via social media, television, and so on. Focus on the facts, not the potential fictions surrounding them; I think that if I had taken my own advice and done this, then I wouldn't have waited as long, I would not have believed falsely the way that I did at first.  Either way, good luck, and keep an eye on your health.