## Updates

It’s been a bit since I have done a longer post… so, it’s about time that gets fixed. Here we go… Firstly, happy friday, everyone. At this point, I am going to give a quick overview of what I’ve been working on. That’s not too much at the moment, though, I’m sorry to say, but at least I do have some milestones to report… at least that’s something.

First… Programming

I aim for the following goals for the rest of the year… that is, provided I can remain undistracted enough to finish in a timely manner.

  • Obtain a working knowledge of the C# language
  • Be able to use APIs to create things lacking in the windows world
  • Proceed with my existing PowerShell studies
  • Be able to make decisions regarding the correct tool for the application

I could go further with these goals in mind… though in light of it being only about five months away give or take, my next set of ideas will probably take me into 2022, and it’s about time we finish up 2021 first. I definitely have some challenges ahead of me… that’s for dang sure.


One thing is true… and that’s the fact I have let my music skills languish in disuse for far too long. (I am hoping that when I move… I will be recording a heck of a lot more audio tracks thanks to my friend’s digital piano; as gorgeous as acoustic instruments are; have one, and I love her, they are very difficult to work with on the side of the amateur audio engineer) which will be nice for those interested, and more people are than I would have thought possible. I have some goals to fulfill by the end of the year… hopefully.

  1. restore my past numbers.
  2. Learn something new
  3. complete some of my previously unfinished complsitions

Either way… until next time, have a great time, everyone.