Random adventuring

Weekend Craziness

As I arrive at my desk on this fairly gray Monday morning here in the beautiful city of Somerville, I recall how important wonderful time spent with family and friends is, and how essential those sorts of relationships are to the average person. Not just for them, but for everyone currently living, to be honest. And then to find that someone whom you have known for about eleven years, when she has already discussed her dream to move out of state. How do connections survive that sort of thing?

### How I will Survive

Well, that's a hard one. Knowing that my friend will more than likely be moving to the mid west, in CA, of course, that being her dream, she was simply waiting for an opportunity to pop up. Knowing that I will see her after a while, and that she will eventually find a schedule/routine to get her ass back up here every once in a while ... that's good enough for me. Spiritually based connections don't ormally brak over distances.