Now I know why I need a Pleroma instance that I run. Because every single existing one out there, at least the new ones, require CAPTCHA. And worse, the aforementioned with no audio alternatives. That is not okay. So, “open communication for almost everyone” should be the slogan until this is fixed.

I am incensed at the moment; and I sit with every intention of reading your books. You need to think about your online future; and await your arrival, and a community of like-minded can  help you.

As I sit in the office on this Monday morning, I’m wondering about the possibility of more broken plugins on my site. I have all of my profile information completed, though I do get the following when looking at webfinger.net:

Logs as sent from there


Request Log

15:21:21 Looking up WebFinger data for https://cambridgeport90.org/author/cambridgeport90
15:21:21 GET https://cambridgeport90.org/.well-known/webfinger?resource=https%3A%2F%2Fcambridgeport90.org%2Fauthor%2Fcambridgeport90
15:21:22 Error getting JRD: 400 Bad Request

JSON Resource Descriptor (JRD)



Not entirely positive what this means, though it sounds like there is an error of some sort somewhere along the request pipeline. Seeking assistance from the community to help figure this out, because I would like to have the be able to follow me natively, and I would rather not be forced to employ plugins that link my blog to a specific server instance. drives me crazy. Either way, hopefully some sees this.