Partners Healthcare - Assembly Row.


Wilmington, MA.

Finally home.

Sullivan Square.

MGH - Fruit St. Garage.

Sullivan Square.

Lunch time… finally. though stuff doesn’t seem as crazy today as it’s been the past few. Not to mention, working on Sunday… so hopefully it will be dead around here then, too.

Grabbing a pastry. Starving.

Happy Thursday everyone… I get the feeling that today will be either very borning or very interesting… and i can’t decide which… yet. We’ll know soon enough. (Have just started getting back into keepign a proper to do list… so, should start getting shit done.)

OwnYourSwarm works once again… never thought I would see something like that… Seriously.

Partners Healthcare 12 East. Test

Just another Wednesday; second shot later on… and I seriously hope that doesn’t impeed me too much, for I have heard that the second shot is worse than the first. friends of mine had symptoms, but no one in my family did.

Then again… cats can see and manipulate auras. Dogs, as lovable and playful as they are, can’t.

I seriously wish my family had a cat… I could cradle one in my arms right now… I seem to have equal affinity to both canines and felines, yet I seem to have a strong spiritual link to the feline soul.

federal legalization is about the only thing our current government has going right for them. Otherwise, buzz off, Joe Blow.

the deliciousness of a citrus clemantine for a snack… Nom

Morning all… Monday again; raining like cats and dogs here in Somerville, Massachusetts. How are you? Hopefully raindrops aren’t falling on anyone’s head…

That… and finish up that and C# so that i can continue with some interesting goals. (I finally found something against which it might be a unique experience to develop.)

I definitely need to streamline part of my workflow a bit better, and part of that will be setting up a GitHub notification clinet. (and just wondering… does GitHub support Pushover?)

9/11... Twenty Years Later

The ever-standing question that oftentimes comes up… “Where were you when the world stopped turning?” To quote the famous Allen Jackson. Either way… Today marks the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Let me tell you where I was.

It was a Tuesday, and the family and myself were preparing for a wonderful Allen Jackson concert (remember the quote from above? Yes, that most amazing country singer who’s music I still adore to this day) and never in a million years were we at all prepared for the events of that most fateful day. The sun was shining, even the birds were singing. I got on the van that came to drive me to school (I had been going to school per the vans from the Transportation Colaborative organization that drives special needs students rather than the normal school bus.) Classes proceeded as normal, but I do remember having just returned from a mobility session with… somebody, can’t remember who it was at the moment, when my teacher, Maryjane Clark, arrived next to me on the sidewalk, seemingly from out of nowhere. “Get back to class. I need to talk to you”, she had said. “What’s going on? are we in trouble?” I had asked. Ms. Clark said nothing.

the classroom was silent; no one was talking, and something about the day bothered me… I didn’t know then, however I know now, that the energy in the room was off; none of the normal vibrancy was present at all. it was then that mS. Clark started to speak… she explained what was happening, and she did a fantastic job helping to convey to children the magnitude of the day’s events. (I might have been a smart twelve-year-old, but I was only twelve; a child.) Either way… the show did eventually go on, and I can’t remember now, but I think the Perkins School for the Blind might have had an early release that day, but don’t quote me.

On the way home, the quietude continued with my favorite rap station, JAMN 94.5, not even playing music, and instead, the DJs (Ramiro and Pebbles at the time), simply stated facts about the days events, mourning the three thousand who had died, though at that point, no one new the death toll. I will never forget that experience for the rest of my life… instead of it being normal, we remember who tried to bring this country down; all they have failed to do though, in the next twenty years, though, is bring us to our knees. U.S. Strong, Boston Strong; the two phrases that I will keep in the back of my mind, always. The fictional President Whitmore from Independence Day sums up today well during the scene when he said: “A lot of people died today… so many didn’t have to.” If only our current president were that sensative… (whoops, I didn’t say that out loud, did I??) The US still stands… twenty years later, and no one will mess with us. Despite our difficulties in politics, the pandemic, and everything else, we are still here… take that, Al-Qaeda!

I might be missing something… @manton, please update me if I’m wrong, but I have this site backed up to GitHub; repository is called CP90Archive… what am I missing? Do I also have to have my user name in the repsitory name field, as well? it’s been up for a few weeks now, and so far, nothing has been updated.

I need to take my colleague up on his offer to toss his old Mac on my desk. I want to experience the glory that is Apple (while not trying to switch from my Windows roots, though), and see how much of a difference having that existence on the desktop can make.

I just got an email stating that I forgot to redeem an Ebook credit? How?

Cleaning up...

If anybody has noticed over the past few days that I have vacated their discord server… it’s not you. It’s me, surely… if I’m not on Discord with you, then it probably means that we haven’t talked enough outside of the environment as it is. Plus, my interests have been changing up a lot lately.