Over the past couple of months, I have been vacillating on this issue; the issue of whether to return to my roots of the Known content management system, or to stay within the WordPress ecosystem for my personal web presence. I figured it might be a prudent idea to outline the pros and cons of both and get people’s thoughts on them. Let me know what you think…
For Known:
1. Known Is Customizable via HTML, a great thing for me since I need a reason to learn HTML 5
2. It has IndieWeb support natively out of the box
3. All themes work with the IndieWeb functionality

For WordPress:
1. Less HTML handcrafting necessary
2. More available themes
3. More available plugins than I know what to do with

Regarding that last, however, most of the plugins that are available for WordPress take it so far off the rails from its original reason for being created in the first place, which makes me hesitate to consider using any of them, for fear that my site might lose the very purpose of its existence. My site exists as a blog and as a commonplace book. what do the citizens think?

Known In Higher demand for Developers

Here, the choice is simple. It’s my eventual goal to develop for some of the smaller web communities, focusing on the smaller folks who need more features. Known would be perfect for that, considering there are still a bunch of things that haven’t yet been implemented since people only have so much time during their day to work on projects. I could gladly see myself assisting over there, and hopefully I will, providing I can learn enough of the PHP language to be proficient in it. I will keep everyone posted… so watch this space for more as progress is made.

3 thoughts on “My Site’s Future: WordPress VS. WithKnown CMS

  1. Well I’d use known if I could. The last time I tried, it didn’t work, because the shared host I was using didn’t allow one of the system requirements or something like that. I’ve since switched shared hosts, and it might work this time. I’d have to ask them.


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