The antics of some of the newest versions of the wordpress plugins are starting to drive me bonkers. I am seriously thinking about the Known switch now that I know how to get the Twitter plugin working against Plesk. evidently I need to learn how to SSH again.

Today was a good day. Ended up spending some time in the city for a bit, and that felt good … even though something still feels out of place. I don’t think that’s anyone I know, nor me, for that matter.

Relaxation on a Friday night, and I’m seriously thinking about changing my theme once again. I forgot about the shortcomings of the current one I’m using. Timestamps not showing, for one. Also, keep an eye out for some longer stuff coming up in a bit as well.

Trying to decide whether or not I want to add social links at the bottom of my home page and hide the meta widget entirely. Might be something to consider, considering I never use those shortcuts.

I am also going to be rearranging the pages on my site; need to clear up some unused wigets that show up on the home page for some reason. is great, but there is way too much showing by default.

I think while in the midst of editing stuff on my site, I am going to switch back to YoastSEO instead of the current piece of crap I’m using. And then I’m actually going to pay attention to SEO notifications. I know that the isn’t about that, but still … matters to me.