This is the first in what will be a series of blog posts detailing how I have discovered my faith; from what I was raised with, and then moving onto what I have become. I shall start from the beginning, and most posts will go into more detail on particular topics. Comments and questions are welcome.


As you know, I was born in 1989; it was questionable whether I was going to survive or not, being born three months premature, though someone was obviously up there looking out for our family, because I survived a ton of odds with detached retinas, but nothing more severe than that, though it could have been. (one of those retinas reattached itself in 1991, though I have had buckles holding them in ever since. Either way, something happened, and in light of my early and surprising survival, my parents decided to baptize me in the Catholic religion. That worked out up until I started exploring different things myself once I began to enjoy reading.


2008 came, and after attending a summer program with a bunch of other students my age, I had a bit of a different outlook on what was possibly going on up there; not the cut and dry, black and white, view that I was given of religion as a child; who says that everything written in the Bible, (which I think was more than likely written by humans based on evidence discovered later on), is absolutely true? After all, there has to be a reason why many of the pre-Christian peoples believed in the legends that they did. I have a funny feeling that some of the creatures purported to have existed before the common era are real. Who’s to say that the creator God didn’t create beings other than humans and the animals we know today?

Needless to say, after 2008 and learning a few tips from some Wiccan friends, I made my own discoveries, as well, those being that I am an empath (had always been able to feel the emotions around me, but never could understand why. Now I do.) and that I can communicate with the spirit realm via my third eye without the years and years that it would normally take, say, a Buddhist monk. More on that later … (sit back, because this is going to be a long and involved series.) TLDR: Was raised a Catholic, only to discover that the prescribed doctrine didn’t sit well with me once I began to explore in light of the fact that my parents never put restrictions on what books or articles I could read as a kid. See you next time.

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Checked my Twitter mentions this morning. Found some weird shit. Was roped into a conversation where someone (possibly me?), was accused of being unable to stand with true Christian people … I have myself admitted though that I’m more on the mystical side of Christ, not the doctrine-based religion side. So, if you seriously thought that you offended me? Try again, please.