One of the big reasons why I have taken it upon myself to ignore most of this. I think that while tech does have it’s problems, if people would stop hating just because they disagree.

Today was a good day. Ended up spending some time in the city for a bit, and that felt good … even though something still feels out of place. I don’t think that’s anyone I know, nor me, for that matter.

Relaxation on a Friday night, and I’m seriously thinking about changing my theme once again. I forgot about the shortcomings of the current one I’m using. Timestamps not showing, for one. Also, keep an eye out for some longer stuff coming up in a bit as well.

Keeping with the nearly constant theme for me of and , I have decided to take a look at where the community needs more work. I can think of a couple of places, though I would like to focus on a singular one for this month. Wait for it …
Open Library, a great resource for books, and it is wonderful in its current iteration, but it seriously needs more content. At the current moment, book catalogues are highly centralized, relying primarily on the likes of Goodreads, owned by Amazon, and in light of the fact that they cut off access to their Twitter API key and corresponding application, normal users will find it difficult to share their statuses with the world; Twitter access is no longer supported as of 2021. (Not sure whether or not it’s been disabled, for honestly I haven’t really looked, but if it’s not yet, then it will be), but since OL has an open API, it’s high time we start developing new resources against it. I’m interested in helping out there, too, but I have way too many projects on my hands to be able to afford any time with learning extra coding at the moment. It will come, but one thing at a time. Either way, other great resources pull from OL’s main catalogue of books, so, adding more books will in turn make it easier for those using software such as Bookworm a.k.a. fedireads, with possibly more in the future.

I am currently in the middle of around four books (I will have to check since I’m always reading stuff that it is easy to forget day to day), so each month, providing what I’m reading doesn’t already possess an entry, I will be adding at least that much, maybe more for people to discover and read. I read from a variety of genres all the time, so be prepared for some intriguing ones. Just a warning. Either way, if anyone has any requests for books to add, either for their information or their social reading habits, let me know.

Trying to decide whether or not I want to add social links at the bottom of my home page and hide the meta widget entirely. Might be something to consider, considering I never use those shortcuts.

I am also going to be rearranging the pages on my site; need to clear up some unused wigets that show up on the home page for some reason. is great, but there is way too much showing by default.