I am incensed at the moment; and I sit with every intention of reading your books. You need to think about your online future; and await your arrival, and a community of like-minded can  help you.

I am going to begin doing monthly updates for you regarding the things that I have read, begun using, subscribed to, and/or acquired each month; inspired by Ben Werdmiller, who always has some interesting developments to write about. Thought it would be interesting to do the same thing.


I decided to start the year off with more quantified self (have always been into the concept, but have just recently started actually paying more attention to the gathered data), and have signed up for the following:

These are good tools for determining metrics like productivity, fitness, and so on (Exist connects to Apple Health to obtain data from there). Recently I have actually been monitoring my progress on particular activities, coding in particular, as well as things relating to community resources and projects. I will ideally have a more productive month than I have had in a while.




Just started reading the sanyare Chronicles series by Meghan Haskell. I will be completely honest; one of the best Fae series I have read so far; between that and the Fae War Chronicles by Jocelyn Fox. Either way, Follow my Goodreads feed until I can figure out how to get the Read post kind to handle reading statuses on IndieWeb sites.




My best friend gave me one of his extra servers he’s no longer using; images and video to come on that. Either way, will keep you guys updated.

If making a sandwich, and using the toaster oven to melt your cheese and crisp your roll, use the bake setting. Managed to give my first attempt a nice burn mark on the top of it LOL. Bread too close to the coil …

Checked my Twitter mentions this morning. Found some weird shit. Was roped into a conversation where someone (possibly me?), was accused of being unable to stand with true Christian people … I have myself admitted though that I’m more on the mystical side of Christ, not the doctrine-based religion side. So, if you seriously thought that you offended me? Try again, please.