Keep an eye on some additional stuff that’s going up here in a bit; have been working on quite a lot, so there should be a good amount of stuff here in the not too distant future.

Deep piano by Ryan BarrettRyan Barrett (snarfed.org)
https://snarfed.org/hands_playing_piano.jpg https://snarfed.org/hands_playing_piano.jpg Roberto Chignoli I started playing piano again recently, after a 20 year hiatus. Our 6 year old Brooke started learning, and we suddenly had a keyboard in the house again, so I joined her. It’s been great! I’...

I have to say … love this one! You and I are sort of in the same boat right now; have been playing the piano since high school also, even sooner, technically, but it’s been so long now that I’ve played a classical piece. Need to get back! Rachmaninov … Debusy … my favourites! Used to play Rachmaninov’s C# Minor prelude, and then I loved Debusy’s reverie … nearly could play the latter perfectly, once.

Between all these changes, it’s been a trip trying to determine how I can fit learning into the picture. Wish some of the # ebooks for version 9 of the language are out, but they will hopefully appear soon.

Wish I could figure out how the heck to delete my older site from the WP dashboard. I can see it, but can’t seemingly do anything. As a result, can’t log into third-party sites until this is fixed.