I will tell all of you. receiving a positive -19 test result has been nothing but surreal. I mean, I knew it would probably happen one of these days in light of my industry (healthcare), but … still. I have been one of the lucky ones so far, only having mild symptoms, but in no way will I downplay those who have had it worse than me. I pray for each and every one of us.

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  1. @cambridgeport90 i’m on the other side of it. The information technology side, but what I think happened. It was either someone who’s in my office, which thankfully there aren’t too many right now, or it could’ve been for my dad, who works in construction. I could’ve chosen to work from home from the beginning, but trying to test out the equipment with my screen reader accommodations, plus being 100% remote for six months or more, that would’ve been a little bit tougher on my psyche that I was willing to chance.

  2. Oh noooo sorry to read this praying for your speedy recovery. Hope you haven’t lost your sense of smell I can’t imagine that as a #Blind person the thought of it is frightening to me.

  3. That’s pretty much what’s happened. I can’t taste that much either. The only things that are coming through to my taste buds at the moment or sharp tastes. Anything else is off the table.

  4. It’s definitely a pain, that’s for sure. The hardest thing, not being able to smell the flowers on the dining room table, or the peppermint that often times permeates my my office. I love aromatherapy if you haven’t figured that out.

  5. That’s interesting as I’ve read of people not having their sense of smell and not being congested at all. Yes I totally get missing everyday scents but I’d also be afraid of not being able to sense dangerous ones like smoke.


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