Might end up switching from Day One to something like Diarium, depending on accessibility; would much rather be syncing my diary to somewhere where I know where it’s going, rather than relying on third-party syncing. Yes, I would miss the IFTTT integration, but on the one hand, I can get rid of my subscription. I would much prefer cross-platform applications than iOS exclusive ones.

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  1. @ronguest i’ll tell you it actually didn’t work out as well as I would like. For one, the windows application is not very accessible with screen readers, that could be fixed probably with some scripting, but it’s still kind of a pain in the butt. Also, there’s still a couple of features missing, like the ability to have more than one entry per day, which is what I really like day one for. If those things could be fixed, then it would be awesome. The former, more important than the latter.

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