just found out that Goodreads is not allowing sharing or logging into their site from Twitter after next year. Had known about it for a while, though, only after receiving their email warning does it actually feel final. I am wondering if that’s writing on the wall, which will soon also affect personal sites who are trying to syndicate their content? If so, then, that will bother me for a while. Thoughts? Remember, guys, only had to reauthorize Bridgy yesterday.

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  1. @cambridgeport90 I read that Twitter is abandoning some old API endpoints, and the speculation is that Goodreads doesn’t want to upgrade their systems.

    Given how old and clunky GR is, it sounds plausible to me.

  2. @Cheri good to know. I hadn’t read that, but then again, they always seem to be changing stuff around faster than people can blink, so honestly not surprised. I do wonder what is going to happen to the rest of the world. And, I need to find some thing to replace good reads that’s actually Federated. Suggestions? Especially because most of the authors that are dear to me only sell on Amazon. That doubly stinks.

  3. @cambridgeport90 I haven’t heard of any good GR alternatives. They’re kind of like YouTube in that way — no strong competition.

    Book blogging is a thing, but the blogs are poorly networked and full of sponsored promos.


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